Vrat Vidhi

Maa Santoshi is daughter of Lord Ganesha and has mothers are Ridhi- Sidhi. The family is full of Riches, Silver, Gold, Pearls, emeralds etc.The one who is follower of Maa Santoshi has shower of riches, his business flourishes, no trouble surround him, has a fulfilled family life with progress and prosperity without any troubles. The only thing the follower has to say " Pragat Santoshi Mata ki Jai".

The fast in name of Maa Santoshi is done on Friday. The one who is fasting has to either read or listen katha. Whenever listening to the Katha of Santoshi Maa, one should keep jaggery and roasted grams in hand and should keep on repeating " Pragat Santoshi Mata ki Jai". After the Kath is over the jaggery and grams in the listener's hand should be given to the cow and the jaggery and grams kept in bowel above the Kalash (tumbler which contains water as ablation) should be distributed as "Prasad" to the people around. Before the Kath begins, the Kalash is filled with water and the bowel of jaggery and roasted grams is placed over it. After the Katha is over and Aarti (hyms) is performed, the holy water from the Kalash is sprinkled in the house to keep away negativity and the remaining water is given to the Tulsi plant kept in house.

The one, who is fasting in the name of Maa Santoshi, should fast with complete faith and love and should fast with very happy heart and state of mind.