Normal Pooja

The Santoshi Mata Vratais to be observed on 16 successive Fridays or till one's wish is fulfilled. The devotee should perform a puja (worship) of Santoshi Mata and offer her flowers, incense and a bowl of raw sugar and roasted chickpeas (gur-chana). The devotee should have only one meal during the day and not eat or serve bitter or sour food to others. When one's wish is granted, one should organize a udyapan ("bringing to conclusion") ceremony, where eight boys should be served a festive meal. In this type of worship the devotee has to follow some rules like not quarell and not to hurt anyone. By means of this vrata one can live with harmony because the bad habits in human life like to ignore faith and to say false, to behave arrogantly can be removed. This vrata teaches the devotee to spread love, sympathy and happiness. In this worship devotee wakes up at early morning and start his day by remembering the Goddess Maa Santoshi. Then he/she has to do worship of Goddess and he/she must not eat something bitter or sour food. The reason behind this is that the sour or bitter food is somewhat addictive, one can wish for it again and again. But in front of Goddess we must hide our bad habits and must see Goddess everywhere. Addiction can be removed by the worship of Goddess Santoshi Mata. And by all this we can live with Santosh i.e. happiness.