Jagran Pooja

JAGRAN is a MANNAT. People do Mannat or desire for a wish fulfilment before Mataji. If their wish is fulfilled they keep the Jagran at their place or at the temple and complete their Mannat.It is a devotional program done during the night, on Tuesday or Saturday Night from 11.30pm to 5.30am

On Jagran Bhaktji start with Ganpati, Navgrah and Mataji's Pooja Abhishekh. First Bhaktji light Mataji's Akhand Jyot with chanting of Langar Vira,then Ganpati and Mataji's vandana is chanted in a devotional way, Then people start Mataji's Bhents (Devotional songs) one by one those who like to sing, then comes an offering of Garlands and Mataji's Bhet (Colored Chunni, coconut, fruits, and Shingar Matirail along with some Bheta(in Cash), then comes Aardass by devotee & sangat (Gathering on Jagran),.

Then Bhaktji offer Bhog Prasad to Mataji of Five Mevas(Dry Fruits) and Halwa or Kala Chana offered by the devotee. After all this the Prasad is distributed to all and complete the Jagran with samapti.

The Jagran is done on every 9th February, 3rd July, Diwali, Every Astami during Navratras and 31st December's nights.