Every Girl holds a dream in their eyes to get educated, self-reliant, married, well settled and finally experience a wonderful life ahead. But the sad part of the story is there are many dwellings in India who present death to a female before she takes a birth on this earth and the sole reason behind this is that the poor families are unable to sustain themselves with the basic needs of life and are not well equipped to educate and marry their daughters in future.

Shri Santoshi Mata Mandir is organizing the marriage ceremonies of poor and orphaned girls around India. The temple on its part helps these types of families with every needfull arrangemet to enable them to celebrate their Child's marriage

The temple not only conducts the marriages of those girls but also give them silver jewellery, important vessels and also 11000/- cash money to start their new married life. All the rituals and Preetibhoj is conducted by the temple on its own expenses.