For Udhyapan of fast, we need 2.5 kg of Aata's Poori, 2.5 Kg Milk's Kheer and Curry of black grams as offering for Santoshi Mata and also light lamp of Ghee. After lighting the lamp split the coconut. No one must eat sour food. On eating sour food, Santoshi Mata gets annoyed so one must eat simple food without any tartness and one must not server sour food to others also.

You must call eight boys for lunch. These boys either of your relatives or neighbour's or they can be Brahmins. They must not be given any sour food. According to your capability, you can give them alms but do not give them money, instead of that you can give them any article. Person doing the fast must listen to katha, take Prasad and eat once in a day. Doing so properly, Santoshi Mata will be pleased and will fulfill your wishes.