Achievements of Santoshi Path

  •  Santoshi Path has given the right way to the lives of people.
  •  It has generated the feeling of mankind and love among the people.
  •  With the celebration of all important festivals of our country "Santoshi Path" is giving strength to the Indian Culture of Secularism.
  •  Santoshi Path - Temples, Santoshi Path has recently made a Temple at Vrindavan 'in the city of Lord Krishna' and looking forward to establishing such temples in 26 states of 'India' besides at some International Cities.
  •  Providing 'Bhandara' meals on every Fridays, Sundays and during all religious festivals.
  •  Every person associated with the Santoshi Path has a family feeling with the association.
  •  Santoshi Path magazine is brought out quarterly to spread the message of Love, Service and Spiritual Life.