Mandir Darshan

Shri Santoshi Mata Temple is situated at G- Block, Jail Road, Hari Nagar. At the middle of Main Temple Bhavan a very beautiful statue of Goddess Maa Santoshi is kept. Goddess Maa Santoshi looks very lovely with a lavish smile on her face.

Deities of Maa Vaishno, Maa Saraswati along with Maa Santoshi were consecrated with all Pooja's and Shringar's and deities of Shiv Parivar, Gaytri Mata, Sheetla Mata and Chitragupta Maharaj deities were added in this series later. The largest idol in Asia of Maa Santoshi madeup of 9 precious metals(Ashatdhatu Idol) was also consecrated. The devotees encompasses various deities for worshiping, they put their faith in the deity they worship.

Every statue present at the Bhavan looks so alive that sometimes we feel as if they will start the conversation with us. When Bhagat Ji comes for the "Chowki" then his face shines with Goddess Santoshi's grace and every follower becomes very excited to think that now they will be able to have a talk with their mother Maa Santoshi.