Mahatma Gandhi once said , "Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Animals need compassion , the same as human beings. Among animals , Cow is the ultimate symbol of love , sacrifice and gentleness in Indian culture and tradition. Protection of cow symbolizes protection of all that lives and is weak and helpless. The sancity of the cows is perhaps the foremost sentiment of Hindus for whom this sacred animal has far deeper nuances in Indian culture and ethos than is generally understood. Indian scriptures tell us that the cow is a gift of the gods to the human race. It is a celestial being born of the churning of the cosmic ocean. The cow represents the Divine Mother that sustains all human beings and brings them up as her very own offspring.Cow's glory is no limit. No body could not understand it until today. According to Hindu scriptures, our 33 million god/goddess lives in our cows.

To serve the cows (Go-Seva) and to please Lord Govinda, the tender of cows, the temple board also developing a large Gaushala (Cow Shelter) for the cows. It is clearly evident that the cow's service is biggest services.