History of Ancient Jodhpur Temple

In north direction of the historic city of Rajasthan (India), Jodhpur (Marwar), there is a very old and famous lake, which is surrounded by mountains and is named as Lal Sagar Lake. On this land, there is a natural ancient temple of Pragat Santoshi Mata Santoshi Mata, fulfilling the desires of all. This temple is surrounded by various kinds of trees. In India, this is world class age old natural shrine, which has amazing specialty. The mountain is elevated on santoshi Mata temple as if Sheshnag is giving its shadow to mateshwari.

Near the temple, there is an Amrit Kunda, near which, there is a tree , which is in the same shape from many years. Near that tree, there is very lovely waterfall. Here idol of Lord Shiva is placed. As a result of fulfilling wishes of many devotees, this temple has gained fame.