About Santoshi Mata

In our ancient religious books, Santoshi Mata is referred as the Goddess of Satisfaction. She is the daughter of Lord Ganesh. She accepts all the sorrows, problems and ill fate of all her devotees and blesses them with prosperity and happiness.

She is treated as the most calm, soft, pure and kind form of Goddess Durga. She is sitting on lotus which signifies that even in this world which is full of selfishness, rudeness and corruption goddess of satisfaction is still present in her devotee's hearts. She resides on the lotus which is blossoming in the sea filled with milk which is a symbol of her purity signifying that where there is purity of heart and dedication there we will have our mother of satisfaction.

As it's a general saying that "if we will eat sweet things then our words will be as sweet as sugar", in the same manner Maa Santoshi refrains all the sour things and symbolizes her devotes that by avoiding the sour things which are wrongs acts they can achieve the complete purity, happiness and satisfaction in their hearts.

Maa Santoshi not only provides purity and calmness, she also saves all her devotees from ill powers with her Sword in her left hand and Trishul in her right hand. As per the beliefs she is a four handed Goddess with only two hands visible to her devotees and other two with weapons like Sword and Trishul are only for the ones who play as the hurdles in the path of truth and goodness. Santoshi Maa is the most beautiful and lovable goddess who is always ready for blessing her followers and looking at her statue all the devotees forget their problems and feel as if they are lost in her beauty and calmness. Maa Santoshi is worshiped on Friday and it is believed that people get all their wishes fulfilled by worshipping Goddess Santoshi by keeping 16 consecutive fasts and following the strict rule of refraining from all the sour eatables. Take us to the paths of complete solace as being our mother she knows what is best for us.